Kantaris Media Player

Kantaris Media Player

Free and open source media player which plays almost all multimedia formats
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Kantaris Media Player 0.4.3 is an open-source player for Windows computers. This particular player aims at tackling the most frequent annoyances of Windows Media Player, by which it is greatly influenced. The graphical user interface is pretty similar. However, I can't help to think that Kantaris' and Winamp's look alike. The player is based upon Videolan Client (perhaps the most popular video player around). Since VLC contains most codecs that are needed to open video and audio content, the installation of third-party codecs with Kantaris Media Player becomes unnecessary. Unlike Windows Media Player, Kantaris is a lot faster and more powerful. It also adds a bunch of features for the heavy-user. For instance, it adds a cataloging system that allows you to scan directories for movies or TV series. It can also download screen art and info about those, too. I personally like the subtitle capabilities. If you download content from the Internet (namely, movies or series), you will be able to download subtitles in several languages straight from the player. You don't need to download any files at all. That is a great time-saver.

José Fernández
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  • Good set of features
  • Works like a champ


  • Doesn't look really appealing
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